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Abhinivesha- The Purifying Affliction

Manoj emails from India about his experience on a turbulent flight experience that got him thinking about abhinivesha– the fifth and final klesha, in the list of kleshas (afflictions) which Patanjali enlisted in the second chapter.

Of Elephants and Cell Phones – A message from Manoj to the Manasa FB Group (Aug 23, 2009)

Namaste all

First of all, I see a few non students in our face book group. I take this opportunity to welcome you all into this mail group.
Also just to warn you that sometimes, this kind of long mails might come, where I try to communicate certain incidents and happenings with students, trying to bring out the yogic viewpoint in it.
Now, about today.
Today is a day dedicated to Ganesha in India, also called Ganapati. So, in the morning, I …

MISSING PUPPY – Manoj wrote to the Manasa FB group on Aug 17

Namaste all

Since I have been getting lot of concerned goodwill mail for the lost puppy which made studio2’s stairway its temporary home, Iam sending you thisupdate.
The same day the mail was sent to you, I met a tearful Penny at studio 2 entrance who told me that the puppy was missing. Though at first we thought it might be a good thing if somebody adopted the puppy, later we were all disturbed with a few findings.
One is that the …

Ask Manoj: Can pranayama help with asthma?

Can pranayama help with asthma?

Yoga Talk: Svadhyaya (Lake Kenyir Yatra 2009)

An excerpt from a talk given in Lake Kenyir retreat, June, 2009