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Pre Yatra Prep

Namaste yatrites, as well as non yatrites

Just want to give a brief of what was talked in yesterday’s brief to the yatra students. Majority could not turn up. And for those not coming this time, you can just read on, as almost all of you have come with me for one retreat or the other, and hopefully, you can make it next time.
Now let me sink into memory waves, and try to type what i think i spoke yesterday night.

The …

Yatra Lake Kenyir 2009

This year, we did our annual yoga retreat in a local destination, Lake Kenyir. It was beautiful and serene, the perfect place for a retreat. Too bad the resort was in dire need of upgrading… nevertheless, we had fun 🙂

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Wesak Night

Namaste all

The following mail is mainly a narration of a ‘driving’ contemplation on the topic of prana.. which i thought might be useful for current ttc students revision and contemplation of the topic (i missed a lecture session with them).. but since all in this mail group are previous ttc students or retreat students, i am forwarding to all.. perhaps it will be of use..

ttc students.. i will cover concepts of karma in the following days..

And be forewarned.. this …